Physically Distanced & Socially Conected


Campaign created for UCLA Design Media Arts class.

The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic has affected people of all age groups who, in order to keep safe, must stay at home and limit their interactions down. Adolescents in particular are still in their stages of development: slowly gaining autonomy from their parents and seeking a community within their peers. Our movement started with this question: during such a critical time in development how can we help adolescents in their psychosocial development? 
Research shows the many benefits of video games of prosocial nature. Thus, we created Physically Distanced and Socially Connected to promote video games that can benefit adolescents while staying safe during the pandemic. 

Mission statement: 
Physically Distanced & Socially Connected promotes games to substitute in person interactions to ensure healthy psychological and social development for adolescents while staying safe at home. 



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