You're the Moon, I'm the Fish


This book I created is titled “You’re the Moon, I’m the Fish” and it is designed for the song “Moon and Fish” by Hojat Ashrafzadeh. The song is about a fish who is in love with the moon, however the moon is unreachable. The fish sings about its sadness when the moon leaves and even when it is in the night sky for the moon cannot understand the fish’s love. My goal with this book was to place the viewer in the position of the moon, as I, the designer, try to communicate to that viewer as the fish. The cover of the book is interactive for the viewer and implies that they are a part of this story. The layout of the book is done in a way where I, the designer, am unable to communicate to the audience just as the fish cannot get across to the moon. As the viewer flips through the pages, they uncover illegible text, whether that is because it is not in their native language, there are sentences laid over each other, words are flipped or misplaced, and there is even text that can only be output as squares because the correct font is not set for the language being used.

Front cover

Back cover

Digital image created for front cover

Digital image for back cover

Book pages